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Our garden is growing UP

Over the past couple of days, the garden has gained some height with the addition of some wonderful advanced fruit trees and trellis structures. As always, we have several people and businesses to thank to enable these additions occur.

Thank you to our local community members, Vivian Jones and the Pascoe famiy, for donating the mulberry, orange and mandarine trees. We look forward to nurturing your beautiful trees to ensure they produce nutritious fruit for all to share.

Thank you to Ellenby Tree Farm for donating three Crabapple Trees. These trees look beautiful lining our pathways and helping screen the view of the urban drain.

Thank you to Yates for the donations of fertilisers and soil wetters. These products were essential in giving these advanced trees the best chance of survival after being transplanted.

Thank you once again to Anthony from AP Paving for donating his time and supplies. Ant not only helped with the tree transplanting busy bee, but he also built and install two awesome trellis structures between the fruit trees to support a creeper and installed more accessible reticulation for the lower beds and fruit trees. The trellis' add a lovely new dimension to the garden and will look amazing covered in a creeper, nicely bordering the garden and screening it from the urban drain. You are absolutely amazing Ant and we really appreciate your initiative, time and hard work.

Last but by no means least, thank you to the hard worker busy bee helpers who assisted in digging out the fruit trees, digging the new holes and tranplanting the trees. Thank you to Sonya for coordinating the Planting Team, and thank you to Ellen, John, Tam, Graham, Adam, Liv, Dayle, Ben, Fred, Belinda, Helen, Sue and Sandy for your time and assistance.

Who can spot Ant???

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