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Bee-n Buzz-y Again!!!

Updated: Mar 9

WOW, just WOW is our response! We had hoped that #BuildItAndTheyWillCome would be an accurate hashtag, and this weekend it certainly proved to be!

We had 23 amazing community members contribute to the Busy Bee today, which absolutely blew us away! Many met us at the community garden bright and early this morning, ready with their shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, cameras, drone, trailers, smiles, cheer, creativity, kindness and zest for life. A few popped their heads in to say Hello and spread their love and cheer, warming our hearts and putting a smile on our dials.

Thank you to Alison, Anthony, Beate, Bek, Brenda, Carla, Dave, Ellen, George, Harrison, Heather, John, Len, Mary, Nicole, Ryan, Sandy, Sara, Sarah, Simon, Sonya, Sue and Tam. Each one of you contributed something valuable and unforgettable to the community garden this weekend.

Thank you so much for the awesome drone footage Bek!! We'll post a video on our social soon, but here is an aerial for all to see!!

We loved spending the time in the community garden and meeting lovely new members of the community so much, that we have decided to set up some more Buzz-y Bee sessions over the next couple of weekends. This will give more community members an opportunity to be a part of setting up the garden and having a part in Padbury's history. 

We really hope you can join us.

Please RSVP on the link below for catering purposes and let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

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