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Bee-n a buzz-y morning in the garden...

Updated: Mar 9

We were blown away with the community support that rallied this morning for our first Busy Bee, especial at such short notice. Sometimes the spur of the moment plans create the best outcomes.

Thank you to the amazing community volunteers, Anthony, Dave, Gay, Heather, Jeff, Sandy, Sharlene, Sonia, Sonya, Sue and Trix, for working so hard that the garden is now ready for the raised garden beds to be installed!

A huge dent was made in the grass/sand pile, by the ground crew's incredible hard yakka work. They spent hours separating the roots from the sand and grass, and wheelbarrowing grass and/or sand along side the pathways to prevent the edges being a trip hazard.

Getting to meet new hardworking community volunteers like Sharlene, was fantastic. We hope your muscles aren't aching too much tonight from all that shovelling.

After Anthony spent the past weeks in the garden laying the pathways with Coast Projects, he has now returned to volunteer his time and expertise. We truly appreciate all you are contributing to Padbury Community Garden.

It was so wonderful to see how many different ways people can contribute, be it the physical labour, bringing morning tea, planning for next steps, engaging with new sponsors, helping people connect.... the list goes on. Everyone adds value and is valuable to us.

Even Sue, our Treasurer was out there getting some vitamin D and buzzing around the garden.

You are a legend Sue.

It was a great surprise to have Jeff from Coast Projects rock up. Together Jeff and Ant are continuing to advise us regarding adhering to building codes, as well as donating their time and supplies. Your contribution is so valuable to us and we are so grateful for your generosity.

It was lovely to stop for a morning tea break together with the best coffee from the one and only Alex Jr and delicious treats. Thanks for the bonus cakes Gay.

We are now looking forward to Day 2 of our Busy Bee Weekend on Monday morning, where we will be installing the raised garden beds and moving some more of the sand pile. Hope to see some new faces then.

Thank you again to all our wonderful community members who generously shared their time, muscles and beautiful energy this morning.

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