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Recycle and reusing through composting, worm farming and bokashi bins

On Saturday PCG held their second successful Compost, Worm Farms and Bokashi Bin Workshop. Thank you to Sonya & Karen for sharing their amazing knowledge about these various ways to recycle and reuse our garden and kitchen waste.

The event started with introductions by PCG Vice-Chair Ellen.

Sonya took the group through what Bokashi Bins actually are, how they work, what you can put in them and what can''t go in them.

Fun fact - did you know that unlike worm farms and compost, you can even put raw meat and fish, citrus, bread, pasta, cereal, rice, onion and garlic in the Bokashi Bin!!! How amazing!!

Sonya also took the attendees through composting. Sonya certainly has a wealth of knowledge and we are so appreciative to not only have her share her knowledge at these workshops, but we are also lucky to have Sonya on our PCG Committee to head up our Composting and Planting Team for the new community garden. Thanks so much for your contribution Sonya.

Karen then took the attendees through the process of using a worm farm to reuse food and garden scraps. Karen kindly sells the juice from her own worms to the community and donates all proceeds to PCG. This liquid gold is amazing for your gardens and will be one of the natural fertilisers we will be using in the community garden.

It was great to see the attendees mingling after the event, asking questions and learning more from the presenters and each other. Connecting with new members of the community and learning from each other is what these events are all about.

Congratulations to our raffle winner Sara Cameron - enjoy getting started with your Bokashi Composting System.

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