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So much to be grateful for

Over the planning and constructing of this first phase of the community garden, we have received amazing support from other local Charities, businesses and residents. We are so appreciative to each and every one of you.

Thank you to Anthony Pollard from AP Paving for generously providing such valuable advice on our infrastructure, remaining inclusive in our design, assistance in seeking supplies and sponsors for our Charity, providing labour for us in your own time and turning up to every Busy Bee to work like a machine. You are such a valued addition to our garden community.

Saba Rose Button Foundation (SRBF) joined us back in 2023 and has been amazing at providing advice on our unique inclusive designed garden. Going forward, SRBF will be collaborating with PCG to create further stages of the community garden and will continue to provide valuable consultation on inclusivity with respect to design and activities. Thank you so much for being such wonderful people to work with Team Saba. We love your passion and that you inspire us to be better people.

Thank you to the Lions Clubs of Whitford and Duncraig for donating their raised garden beds from their own celebrations. We are very appreciative and will put them to great use.

Thank you to Lions Club of Whitford for all your financial support as well, which has assisted in funding a portion of the community establishment. You have been a constant support from the start of PCG back in 2021, and we are so appreciative. We hope you can join us in the garden and enjoy the tranquility we create.

Thank you to ⁠Brian Armitage, a generous member of the Padbury community, for providing and installing all the construction fencing free of charge. The set up took place on a scorching hot day, and we were so appreciative you rushed to get the fences installed in time for the start of the construction phase. You are wonderful.

Thank you to Jeff Thomas from Coast Projects, for providing the supplies and installing the non-slip guard on our pathway step, completely free of charge. Not to mention all the additional work and hours you put into creating our amazing paths. It's so fantastic to have a local business like Coast Projects on board to construct our inclusive pathways and ensure we are inclusive in our design.

Thank you to Janine Carlino from Padbury Physiotherapy, for making a generous donation towards purchasing edible plants and trees for the community garden. Support from local businesses like yours, will be crucial in the growth and survival of our community garden. We are so grateful for your support.

Thank you to Amanda and Greg from Atkinson’s Mitre 10 in Hillarys, for providing the poly pipe in preparation for our future reticulation, as well as offering support going forward. It's great to be supported by local businesses.

Thank you to ⁠Ann and Rob from Carine Tree Toppers for supplying and delivering awesome quality mulch for the top of our ground garden beds, free of charge. Also a big thank you to Tam from Tam's Garden for organising this free mulch arrangement and volunteering at all the Busy Bees so far. You are amazing!

Thank you to Brendon from Yates for donating a selection of fertilisers and soil wetters, as well as personally delivering the stock. We really appreciate your support for our community project.

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