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Paving the way for our future

And just like that, the talented Coast Projects team have braved the heat and completed laying the paths for Phase 1 of the community garden!! We trusted the guys to use their creative licence within the constraints of the approved plans and they have definitely not disappointed. Their knowledge on ensuring the garden remained inclusive when we discovered the fall of the land was greater than we anticipated, was invaluable! A speedy tweak of the design, enabled not a moments time to be lost, and made this phase of the garden only more spectacular and unique.

The first pour of the paths was only postponed by a day, due to the extreme weather conditions. These legends still battled through the heat of the following days, which brought days of relentless sweltering heat. They definitely know what hard work is!

After the first pour, they wasted no time in getting the form work down for the second pour, ending the day with a much deserved dip in their handmade tub. If only we could have kept it there for everyone to use! Nothing like having fun while working. YOLO!

No rest for the wicked... the next day they were straight onto the second pour and became creative with the leftover cement. How awesome!

There we go... our amazing paths are all completed for Phase 1 of the community garden.

Thanks again to the amazing guys at Coast Projects for doing such a brilliant job and going above and beyond for PCG. We absolutely love the results and you've all been amazing to work with.

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