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Another magic day setting up the garden

Looking at the amazing space that has already been created at Padbury Community Garden, we can't believe this is only the second weekend of community Busy Bees to set up the garden!

At this morning's Busy Bee, we had some of our dedicated regular Padbury Community Gardeners as well as some wonderful new faces, at the gates bright, early and ready to get stuck in. A massive thank you to Annette, Anthony, Ben, Carolyn, Christine, Dave, Ellen, Heather, Jeff, Jesse, John, Kaia, Liv, Rachael, Sandy, Sara, Sharlene, Sonya, Sue and Tam for contributing to making today's Busy Bee a wonderful success.

With lots of sand, soil and mulch movement, the wheelbarrows, shovels and muscles certainly got a workout. The skip bin is full, so are the raised and ground garden beds and along with it our hearts.

It was great to stop for a delicious morning tea, provided by Sara and Dave. Thanks for bringing it all down fresh out of the oven Sara. I know everyone was so appreciative for the break, chat and amazing smorgasbord of food.

Gees we have some amazingly strong volunteers in our community, certainly made of tough stuff! We truly appreciate you pushing your bodies to the edge for us and hope you left with full hearts, as we did, knowing the impact you have made for all to enjoy. We hope you all managed to enjoy a soothing salt bath and well deserved rest this afternoon.

If you'd like to join us for our next Busy Bee and morning tea, we would love you to join us. Next Saturday from 7:30am. Please RSVP on this link BUSY BEE SATURDAY 16 MARCH

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